Thursday, February 17, 2011

My First Blog! ...I hope I did this right...

Oh boy, what a day. I started it off with laying in bed an extra half hour, and then while I was brushing my teeth I had an accident... Our sink is clogged, so it is always halfway full of water, and when I went to go spit, a glob of toothpaste bounced right back and hit me in the eye. But, after I spent the remainder of my morning getting my eye to stop burning, I went to institute. I love my class by the way. Today the lesson was supposed to be on the harmful effects of pornography, but we ended up talking about modesty instead. I guess I never realized how closely the two are related. But anyways, after that I went home and ate PB&J for lunch. I forgot how yummy it is! I have been doing my best to avoid the typical college student meals and actually cook, but today I felt lazy. After that I watched Net-flicks, and I realized how badly I need a job! Meanwhile, all day long our smoke detector has been chirping at us (again!). So we went and knocked on management's door (since previous experience has taught us that we don't know a thing about smoke detectors), but they weren't home. So what was our solution? We took the whole thing off the ceiling, wrapped it up in a blanket, and shoved it in a drawer. It worked great! Now we can all sleep tonight :) Then Marsha and I put on our work-out clothes (I wore my girls camp 08' sweat pants!) and we went to Zumba. We did my favorite dance today too. Its to the song from Madagascar 2, the one where Moto Moto sings to Gloria "I like 'em chunky". Me and Marsha were laughing the whole time. Then I came home and made spaghetti, but with the swirly egg-white noodles instead. All in all, it was a great day. Oh, and my class was cancelled too! And I finally caved and applied for Convergys, since the DI pretty much told me that they'd hire a monkey before they would hire me because I've already "had my turn". But, things will work out. I'm where Heavenly Father wants me to be, doing the best I can everyday (as you can tell haha!) so He will take care of me.

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  1. Ouch! Sorry bout the toothpaste, next time you should spit in it's eye :)