Friday, February 25, 2011

Friday :D

My favorite day of the week! But not this time. I think it might be Saturday instead. I had to give a speech today in my COMM 1010 class. I recycled my speech from public speaking last semester and presented the topic of Unwed Pregnancies. The first time I gave this speech, it was about 4 min. and ten seconds long. My requirement was 4-6 minutes, so I figured I was good. Guess how long my speech was? 6:40. Story of my life! Anyways, the first time I gave this speech I told my story, but not that I've moved away and nobody here really knows about Claire (expect Marsha!) I didn't want everyone here to know me as the 'birthmother'. So I had to edit my speech and find a way to lengthen it for my class. I didn't think to edit it though until last night, and consequently I didn't get to sleep till after midnight. I woke up this morning and realized how tired I was and the fact that I didn't prepare anything else, like what I'd wear or practicing the speech. I was feeling really stressed about it. Then it suddenly occurred to me- I should pray about this! I don't know why i didn't think about it sooner. So, I prayed that I'd be able to deliver the speech well and that I wouldn't be nervous and that I could effectively get my point across. And you know what? It worked. It went perfect....except for the whole 40 seconds over thing. But my teacher said it wasn't a big deal.

Anywho, tonight I'm going to my roommate's choir concert at 7:30, and after that I'm headed for St. George! I'm going down because I need documentation for my new job and I, being the intelligent person that I am, left it home when I moved out. I'll be working at Convergys, which I hear is just getting paid to sit around and be yelled at by people on the telephone because their cell phone doesn't work. Like its my fault. But, they pay pretty well, and I'm pretty sure I can handle it. I've been through worse, right? I need the money anyways.

But tomorrow is Saturday! I'm excited because I get to see Claire Bear. She is such a cutie, and I am so glad Campbells get to have her. She totally belongs in their family, and I couldn't imagine a better environment for children to be raised.

Well, that's about it! Remember that with prayer, anything is possible, even calming your nerves before giving a speech!

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